5 Reasons Why Property Managers are Turning to Real-time Security Reporting


One of the top priorities of a property manager is to ensure the safety of tenants. Chief Protective Services equips security guards with real-time reporting software, allowing property managers to keep an eye on any safety issues as they happen.

All Chief Protective Services security guard services,  are equipped with real-time reporting software to ensure you are up-to-date of any problems on your property in real time.


How does it work?


Centralized Communication

1. With real time reporting software, security officers can notify property management about any issues or incidents related to maintenance or specific vendors. At a property managers request, security officers can also trigger notifications to a maintenance team about issues on the property.


24- Hour Dispatch Team

2. Chief Protective Services has a 24-hour dispatch team that can also take calls from residents. Dispatch can then notify the guard on the property about the issue. Once the security guard is updated about the issue; he can follow up and log his update and include it in his daily activity report.


Issue Monitor

3. Any issues reported are organized in an “Issue Monitor” where they are organized based on urgency and time of submission.


GPS Tracking

4. GPS tracking enables the security guards route to be mapped and allows property management to designate checkpoints and assign tasks specific to the checkpoint for guards. If requested guards can also take a picture to provide an update on the checkpoint. Any updates about check points are time-stamped, ensuring accuracy in reporting.


Daily Activity Reports

5. Property Managers will receive a Daily Activity Report of a guard’s checkpoint check-ins, updates on routine checkpoints, or any issues that occurred over their shift.


Real-time reporting allows Property Managers the ability to monitor issues and incidents as they happen. The 24 hour dispatch service, GPS tracking of patrol routes, and the “Issue Monitor” interface assure accurate up-to-date security service. With real time reporting software, it is easier than ever to ensure the safety of your tenants.


To learn more how can implement real-time reporting at your property, contact Chief Protective Services at 888-332-4648 or Get a Proposal.