At Chief Protective Services Inc. we strive to provide our clients with professional, courteous, efficient and effective security coverage. Our company believes in exceeding our client’s expectations by providing the highest quality of service. The way we achieve these goals is by investing in our employees and assisting them to grow within the organization. We understand that stimulating the growth of our employees within the company and helping them achieve their goals aide us in becoming the strongest security company in Southern California.

  • Guard Card Process

    Chief Protective Services, Inc. offers the Guard Card Process and can assist individuals in acquiring a Guard Card License. The fee is… READ MORE

  • Officer Training

    The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) passed a law that all Security Officers in the State of California that hold a guard card license issued after July of 2004 must complete 40 hours of classroom training the first year their guard card…READ MORE

  • Pre-Employment Screening

    Chief Protective Services offers a variety of experienced full and part time security officers, many in which are off-duty police officers and/or ex law enforcement officers. READ MORE