The Management Staff wants to extend our gratitude to the following employee Jhovann Verduzco for excellent customer service. Below is a letter received from one of our clients:

Just want to say thanks to Corporal Verduzco for his diligence and professional handling of a situation he discovered at our Kaiser Avenue, Anaheim, property this past Saturday night.  During his first round at the property, he discovered a tenant’s door (suite 110) unlocked.  When he checked door handles and this one “gave” (opened), the alarm sounded.  He called me immediately and reported his findings.  I provided a code to disarm the panel.  He then checked the space and found nothing amiss, alarmed the panel again and left the premises, leaving a note on the door that he found the door unlocked.  We spoke several times about the incident, how he handled it and how it was left.  I was very impressed with his actions and am pleased to know that Chief’s patrol officers, including Corporal Verduzco, are taking such good care of our properties.


Please pass on my thanks to Corporal Verduzco and the other officers who protect our properties!


Best Regards,

Dolphin Partners, Inc.

Thank you for continuing to make our company the best security company in Southern California!!