Chief Protective Services would like to extend birthday greetings to all employees born in the month of July.
Well wishes to all and here’s to many more years:

July Birthdays
7/2-Kenya Smith
7/2-Derrick James Jr.
7/2-Erick Morales-Capote
7/5-Ronald T. Moret
7/6-Mautrisa Slaughter
7/8-James Green
7/9-Brandan Lacen-Wade
7/11-Cozette R. Chaffin
7/11- Ethan Rudd
7/12-Paula Burns
7/12-Kenneth Berger
7/12-Yakub Ipaye
7/12-Stephanie Gray
7/14-Daryl Tillis
7/16-Wanda Watson
7/20-Jarrett Shelton
7/21-Dale Ennis
7/22-Leslie Porter
7/23-Samuel Kargbo
7/24-Daniel Oneill
7/27-Henry Jimenez
7/30-Ann Kasparek