Chief Protective Services, Inc. would like to extend our gratitude and congratulations to the following employees


1 year of Employment

7/1-Justin Rice
7/5-Lawrence Mbomi
7/6-Evelyn Bendik
7/8-Alfred Adams
7/13- Deandre Perry
7/15-Michael Perry
7/15-Carlos Pleitez
7/15-Derrick Powell
7/21-Chonita Foster
7/21-Milo Knapp
7/21-Javid Moghaddam
7/21-Roberto Ramirez
7/22-Arturo Morales
7/22-Lonzania Williams
7/26-Anthony Allen
7/29-Jonathan Barclay
7/29-Willard Gutierrez

2 years of Employment

7/2-Adrian D. Ledesma
7/21-Stacey B. Vincent
7/22-Jaleel T. Hendy

12 years of Employment

7/1- Omar Quinones
7/1- David Riffel