There are many people we meet throughout our lives who leave an impression on us that forever changes us or causes us to evaluate our own lives or our own situations.  Then there are those select few people who suffer from ailments that you and I couldn’t imagine facing on a daily basis all while conducting themselves as if there isn’t anything wrong at all.  At Chief Protective Services we have had the pleasure of working with Lt. Charles Robinson who is our post commander at The PSCC.  Charles has successfully managed his account, large events, and his health throughout his employment with Chief Protective Services.  While you wouldn’t know that Charles has any health issues by meeting him, the truth is he has been fighting to get his name added to a donor list for a new kidney for some time.    We are beyond happy to announce that Charles Robinson has been approved to be placed on the national donor list as of a couple of weeks ago.  We kindly ask that our staff continue to pray for Charles so that he may move up that list quickly and receive his new healthy kidney.  If any staff members would like to send Charles any letters of encouragement or any other correspondence please feel free to provide our HR Director with such letters and we will see to it that he receives each one.